Structure and Staff

Management Committee

The centre management committee serves as the intermediary body between the Dean and the Faculty Board when the latter is not in session. It also acts as an advisory board for the Dean (FOU no. 331 of 24th May 2010).

Management Team

Deputy Deans

  • Carme Pinya. Deputy Dean for Innovation and 2030 Agenda
  • Begoña de la Iglesia. Deputy Dean for Placements and Final Deree Projects
  • Francesc Vicens. Deputy Dean for Quality, UIB-specific Qualifications, Lifelong Learning, Student Affairs, Mobility and Internationalisation

Heads of Studies

  • Maria del Mar Oliver. Head of Studies for Early Childhood Education and Deputy Dean for Learning Spaces
  • Llorenç Gelabert. Head of Studies for the Double Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education, and Deputy Dean for Cultural Activities, Curricular Enhancement and Language Model
  • Sara Bagur. Head of Studies for Primary Education
  • Margarita Vives. Head of Studies for Social Education
  • Albert Flexas. Head of Studies for Pedagogy and Deputy Dean for Academic Coordination
  • Pere Palou. Head of Studies for Physical Activity and Sports Science and Deputy Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer

Coordination for Education Programmes at University Headquarters

Coordination for Early Childhood and Primary Education Placements

Coordination for Social Education and Pedagody Placements